NGC 6814

Calculating The Living Cosmos

(Published in Spiritually Speaking The Daily Guardian August 31, 2020) “The cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be.” —Carl Sagan, US astrophysicist and creator of the hit TV show ‘Cosmos’. A lot has been discovered since the time Carl Sagan passed away in 1996. We now know that there it most …

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Stop Unrealistic Expectations

(Published in The Daily Guardian August 3, 2020) We all expect things in life. Whether from other people, from ourselves, or from situations. It is normal to have hopes and expectations. However, giving too much importance to unrealistic expectations is a recipe for disaster and should be avoided to have a peaceful and happy life. …

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NGC 6814

Worlds Without End

(published in The Times of India, Editorial Page, December 9, 2006) Looking at stars on a clear night somewhere away from the city, one is amazed at how many are visible. The hazy band of the Milky Way stretches across the night sky and contains millions of stars, thousands of light years away, but still …

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He Seeks And Saves The Lost

(published in Inner Voice column, page 15, Hindustan Times, March 22, 2005)Like every human being, many times I have ‘fallen short of the glory of God’ and have repeatedly asked for His forgiveness. Such times I have always felt distanced from Him.After succumbing to temptation, we often feel cut off from His Holy Presence. We …

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