About me

Throughout my life so far, I have been into many different careers and paths. I graduated school and college in the early 1990s and then went on to become a software executive and then I became a journalist in 1995. I have done stories on everything from politics to fashion, business to human interest stories. Thereafter, I got into my family business and later on even studied again and earned my law degree in 2007.

I have written two books – Shadows of Truth and The Cosmic Light Within (which is a collection of spiritual articles of mine which have been published in some of India’s leading English newspapers including The Times of India and The Hindustan Times).

My YouTube channel deals with many topics but the videos I feel which have thankfully helped a lot of people are the ones I have made about the afterlife, NDEs, LBL and other spiritual content. I am now working on some other books and am in talks with starting my own podcast soon. 

I have had many interesting spiritual experiences and will possibly be sharing them soon. I have pre-birth memories and also clearly remember my death in my last life. I am sure reincarnation and life after death exists because I remember vivid and verified details about these.

A past life regression I had also revealed certain spiritual truths about my soul, about Christ and also about who I was in my last and even earlier lives.

I love to learn about the universe and spirituality and the other higher realms of existence beyond the earth plane. I am working towards the goal of helping people gain knowledge and experience their own spiritual identity and realize that we are all ‘spiritual beings having a human experience.’


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