Your Circle Of Light

(Published in the Spiritually Speaking column of The Daily Guardian on December 14, 2020)

Each one of us exudes a spiritual light which is an energy that vibrates according to our state of spiritual consciousness. What we do not always realise or recognise is the effect that our light can and does have on others in our circle.

 Whether our light shines bright or dim, we are unknowingly helping others around us and teaching them to become more consciously aware of their own light. Our interactions with other people create an ever changing circle of light which changes both in its spiritual luminosity and in its dimension.

This circle of light works in both ways. The light of others also can help us to gain valuable lessons in our own lives as well. The light of others can also assist in either brightening or dimming our own light depending on its quality. Remember how we were all taught in childhood to be careful of the company we keep? This is not only a subjective life lesson but it is an important spiritual truth—we absorb the light or energy of others and this includes the quality of that energy.

 Our goal should be to brighten and strengthen our own light through thoughts, words and deeds of kindness and cleanliness. When we cultivate our own inner light through prayer, meditation and unconditional love towards God, self and others we begin to inwardly glow with a more radiant and resplendent light that will be seen by the spiritual eyes of others and will touch the hearts, minds and souls of humanity.

It is this light that illuminates the universe. The light is brilliantly luminescent because it is God’s or our Source’s (whichever you prefer) light. Our Creator’s light lives inside our hearts and souls and has been placed there purposefully for us to seek, access and use it to benefit the world.

By connecting to this Divine source of power (fuelled by unconditional love) in our hearts, we can learn the ways of divine healing, love, wisdom and creativity.

In the beginning, God told us to “be fruitful and multiply”. This is not only about multiplying physical things but also multiplying our creativity through art, science, humanity, philosophy, economics and many other things that can be used to make this world a better place. Also we need to be fruitful and multiply in terms of our good and loving thoughts, words and deeds and further strengthen and energise our own circle of light of which we are the center point. This will then lead us into higher levels of consciousness and this is what creation is all about.

All we are doing is returning back to our Divine origin and source and learning new things along the way but at the same time remembering that which our spirit already knows and has always known but simply temporarily forgotten. The quest for meaning, purpose, maturation and evolution of our soul is a quest to reconnect to Home. It is the journey to know and awaken to our holy self.

The journey Home to God, accelerates and expands our capacity to hold and elevate light and love for ourselves and others by incrementally stripping away layers of the false ego centric self.

It takes time and practice through meditation and prayer to develop an intimate relationship with God. In fact, this transformational process is underway daily as God calls us into deeper levels of relationship which lifts more and more of the veil of unconsciousness. This veil has purposely hidden our Divine identity by keeping us focused on earthly constructs such as the delusion of material life in order to aid in the awakening process. However, this does not diminish the light and wholeness that already exists within.

Our humanity is complex; it has created barriers and resistance to searching deep within ourselves. It takes patience and commitment. As humans, we are always looking for validation, safety, self-worth, acceptance, love and connectedness. Many of us have learned to look outside of ourselves for this fulfillment, and yet we still do not feel whole or understand our true nature. It is only in connecting to our own self and developing self love that this awakening will happen. Self love is not selfish or narcissistic. It does not mean to only love yourself, rather it is about making your inner self the source of love and happiness that will then radiate outwards to everyone in your circle of light.

As part of our human experience, the ego’s role is spiritually useful in teaching lessons of contrast so that we can awaken daily and evolve. These are opportunities to experience ourselves and keep choosing love. Ego consciousness keeps us focused on the outside world and the light of others. We are attracted to the ethereal shining light of others, just like a moth to a flame. Your light is no different. You are seeing a mirror image, a reflection of yourself in your highest form, your Divinity, which is your true identity intertwined with your humanity for this particular life experience. Due to being a part of a cosmic collective consciousness, we are all privileged to the same knowledge, wisdom, love and light. Our soul recognises this light in others as a kindred spirit.

The more you search within yourself, you will understand and trust that you already have everything you will need for your time here, the more you will experience lasting peace, joy, contentment, creativity and love for your journey. The map for your journey lies within you and only you. No one else has your map or knows your path. Dive deep into the abyss of self and you will find more treasure and the brighter your own light becomes as you constantly receive gifts in all different forms. God wants to help you find these hidden treasures and celebrate them with you. God wants you to be eternally happy.

 As you learn how to sustain a deep relationship with your Creator, you will find that you lack nothing and are everything as oneness. If you rely too heavily on the light of others to guide you, you will never have enough time or enough desire to search inside yourself to learn what your own light’s higher purpose truly is. Keep turning inward to the unconditional love that awaits within you.

Then your circle of light will shine so brightly that others will be guided to God’s light in their own selves and that is the highest service you can do for humanity. Be God’s love. Be God’s light.