Yin And Yang

(Published in The Speaking Tree newspaper, a part of The Times of India November 21, 2010)

We all have a Father and a Mother God within us; the merging of these energies results in spiritual awakening, says Prashant Solomon.
Recently,I had a very powerful dream, a dream in which I was in a strange realm, where I could feel something called the ‘female healing energy’ or FHE. This energy represents the feminine aspect of creation and is crucial for the process of healing.

It is clear — from the knowledge I acquired in that dream state — that all created beings have been made not only male or female — but male and female.

Each of us has a masculine and feminine side. The Chinese call this feminine side, Yin, and the masculine side, Yang. To become whole, we need to balance our Yin and Yang. The Divine Mother shows us how to do this. We all have aspects of both Father God and Mother God within us. Paramahansa Yogananda writes in Autobiography of a Yogi, “The Divine Mother is as much an aspect of God as the Heavenly Father.”

Our feminine side is creative, intuitive, sensitive, nurturing, comforting, caring and patient. The Divine Mother is the healer as well as the teacher. Our masculine side, on the other hand, is associated with reasoning and being analytical. The Heavenly Father is power, strength, protection and discipline. Our spiritual awakening comes from a merging of our divine masculine and feminine energies deep within our being. The opposites unite within us and help us find our spiritual centre.

Through weakness, we gain strength, through surrendering to dullness, we find creativity, and when we are receptive, we manifest abundance!

We should not resist uniting with our FHE. Resistance only causes struggle and pain in our daily experiences in this era of global spiritual awakening. As we discover the balance of Yin and Yang within us, a wholeness and harmony envelopes us and we radiate that warm and peaceful energy to others around us.

The Divine Mother element of God is something that quite frankly, I was not very familiar with until I experienced it in my dream. In that realm of existence, healing of beings was done swiftly and smoothly through the FHE that resides within us. The FHE is a part of the female aspect within us. It is akin to a mother’s tender love that nurtures our soul’s growth and provides us warmth and comfort. It is the female aspect of our creation that gives us feeling and intuition, and it is precisely this that heals us.

Paramahansa Yogananda, using the analogy of the Garden of Eden suggests that Adam is reason and Eve is feeling, and it is in the union of these elements that we exist as humans.

Just imagine a female deity of your choice or just feel the Motherly Love that the universe gives you freely and you can do healing wonders through that energy of the Divine Mother.

As I woke up, I saw a small porcelain statue of Mother Mary in my room and felt instinctively drawn towards it. I kissed it and held it close to my chest. I felt the love of the Divine Mother and felt the FHE flow within me.