All That Is, Is Nothing But Love

(Published in The Speaking Tree, The Times of India – September 8, 2012)

There are moments in our lives that remind us of our true Divine nature and oneness with all of creation. In these moments we get a glimpse of our true nature as living sparks of a loving God.

Sometimes we understand and experience things that we cannot easily put into words. Like when we are listening to good music or meditating and suddenly we feel a moment of bliss and expansion in our consciousness. Many times you may have been listening to a score of music or meditating and felt a sudden surge of love towards not just all of humanity, but all of creation itself. A wave of love erupts from the depths of our hearts and travels across cities, nations, continents, planets, star systems, galaxies, galactic clusters and universes in just a few seconds. In that moment of pure ecstasy, you feel oneness with all beings. You feel love that cannot be described in words other than to say that it is more intense than anything else you have ever felt.

It is a feeling of complete unification with all things. In the physical world that we live in, we cannot become truly ‘one’ with other physical beings. But when we transcend the boundaries of physicality, we truly are able to merge together in the form of spirit and energy.
Think of it like this, there was a time billions of years ago, when everything in this universe — from the largest galaxy to the smallest atom — existed together inside a potentiality that was smaller than the smallest atom. Imagine the density of such a potentiality. Why we say ‘potentiality’ is because before the the Big Bang took place, there was neither energy nor matter. Both of these were created in that instant that created the cycle of the universe. From that moment onwards, the tiny potentiality expanded in a flash of energy that is expanding to this day. Every star, planet, atom, everything that exists today – you, me, the chair you’re sitting on, the car you drive, the ring that you wear, the atoms that make up all those things — were created in that flash of creation called the Big Bang. Since then things have just been expanding and getting readjusted.

Perhaps at the deepest level of Spirit, we know that we all came from the same source, at the same time, by the same word of creation that created all. It is clear that the primary motivation and energy behind Creation can be narrowed down to one single word – Love.
Love is the cement that binds all together. Love is the force that primal in nature. Before we were made as souls, we existed together in the potentiality of Love in the bosom of God where we basked in the glorious Love of God for eternity.

It is a small glimpse of this Divine Love that we experience in moments where the energy of certain music coupled with a particular state of mind can make our spirit transcend the physical world and its delusion of separation, so that we remember at the level of the soul how we felt when we were aware of our oneness with all that is.

These moments of transcending the physical bonds of Earth are just a glimpse of the unimaginable bliss and feeling of all-encompassing love that we will feel when our souls finally complete their journey on Earth and rise up into eternity to touch the face of God!