The Meaning Of `Be Fruitful And Multiply’ (Parable of Talents)

The parable of talents
(Published on March 29, 2017 in The Speaking Tree of the Times of India)

Parable of Talents

According to the Bible the first command God gave humans was to `be fruitful and multiply’. While this could be taken as a command to populate the planet, it has much deeper meaning that is as relevant today as it was then. We can learn more about this from the Parable of Talents.

Jesus Christ taught lessons using stories or parables. One of these ­ the parable of the talents is about `being fruitful and multiplying’ but in a very different way . It is about an employer who is about to go away for some time.Before he does, he gives three servants ­ let’s call them A, B and C ­ some talents (coins). A gets five coins, B gets two coins and C gets one coin.

When the employer returns some time later, he asks A, B and C to account for how well they managed the money they were left as stewards for.

A has made five coins grow to 10, B made two coins grow to 4, but C took one coin, buried it and returned it to his master.

The master is furious! He abuses C and takes away the money from him and gives it to A. He then admonishes him by saying that he could have at least put the money in a bank and gotten interest.

Then Jesus goes on to say that those that have will get more and those that do not have will lose even what they do have.

This parable could be a lesson in the importance of investing and circulating money to make it grow as opposed to hoarding and hiding it and watching it decay in value. But the power of this parable goes way beyond money and materialist things. For this goes to the very first command God gave humanity ­ `be fruitful and multiply’.

God has given each and every one of us certain gifts. We all have been given various `talents’ or `seeds’, which we are not supposed to just bury in the sand, but multiply them by making them grow. How we do this is to use these to help enrich our world.

Moreover, what is the biggest gift or virtue that God gives us? It is the capacity to love. Through love come the other virtues of peace, joy , happiness, bliss and contentment.If we apply the parable of talents in our daily lives, then we need to use the gifts that God has given us ­ including the gift of love ­ and multiply them.

Love, an asset, has to grow in order for us to live bountiful lives. It can only grow by circulation and not by stagnation. Then the reward or `fruit’ will be to get more of what you have helped to grow.

We may think we are preserving something by hiding it away or being overprotective but we are doing the opposite. By hiding something away that can bring value to the world, we are inadvertently destroying it.

Ships may be safe in the harbour, but that is not what ships were built for.

We may feel we are safe by suppressing our own creative skills, procrastinating or by being indifferent to others, but that is not what we came to Earth for.

So don’t waste time. Use your gifts, improve the world, spread love and compassion to all you encounter.

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