Coronavirus lockdown – not all bad

The world is under lockdown! The year 2020 is still being dominated by the Coronavirus Pandemic. With just about every country on Earth being affected and most of the world in lockdown, this is perhaps the most significant event that we have ever witnessed. With millions sick and thousands dead across the world, there is obviously sadness in the air. With many businesses either shut down or about to be and many people losing their jobs this is a financial emergency for the entire world.

That being said, everything is not all bad. The lockdown has its positives as well. It has given the world a much needed downtime. People are at home with their families and this is a good thing. We are getting to rediscover our relationships and also we are able to rediscover our selves. I have used this time to read, try to write (going through writers block at the moment), paint, exercise, meditate and the best of all – spent time with my kids teaching them and helping them with homework.

So Coronavirus doesn’t have to be all bad. This is the first time that the entire world is literally and realisably (is that a word?) in the same boat! It is the first time that we have come together against a common enemy. The world has definitely changed forever. Even after the lockdown ends (or at least THIS particular lockdown, there could be more coming unless the vaccine is found) things will not be the same for a long long time. But that’s Ok. We don’t know what’s coming next – maybe it will be better than what was before. Stay safe everyone.

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