Playing Earth Games

Recently Elon Musk said that he believes it is entirely possible that our physical world is a highly advanced virtual reality game being played by our advanced future selves. But what if it’s way more glorious than that?

Think about this. 20 years ago the video games we had were very primitive according to today’s standards. The graphics were cheesy, the experience of playing a video game still felt totally like a ‘game’. 

Fast forward to 2019. The video games of today have graphics that are very realistic. If you wear a VR headset and play a game you feel a lot more like you are a part of that game than you would 20 years ago.

Fast forward to 2119. Just 100 years from now, if we are still around, we should have made huge advances in technology. A VR game a century from now would probably be indistinguishable from ‘reality’.

But what if our true identity is that of spirit beings or souls and our true world is the spirit world? Perhaps our true spirit beings are highly advanced in technology and are able to make an entire universe that is like their version of virtual reality. 

If we have constructed a virtual world that runs on software, which is a part of the physical world, maybe they constructed a physical universe that runs on matter and energy, which is a part of a larger spiritual universe. 

So pixels and bytes of our software games in a universe made of atoms could be the same thing as atoms of our physical games in a universe made of lifetrons and spirit? 

Perhaps virtual reality games and software or the computer world in general (which is a construct of human beings) is a smaller version of a physical reality, which is just the construction of spiritual beings and a small part of a much larger spiritual universe.

Many of our holy books suggest this. The concept of multiple dimensional worlds is present in the Hindu writings with the concept of ‘loks’ and in the Holy Gayatri Mantra there is reference to ‘Bhur’ (physical) ‘Bhuvah’ (astral) ‘Svaha’ (causal), which are three different planes of existence. The Bible speaks of various heavens and worlds. Buddhism also talks about multitudes of levels of existence. Islam also speaks about seven heavens.

So it is entirely possible that our souls chose to enter, exit and re-enter their version of virtual reality into our physical universe in order to learn lessons of love, compassion and humility, which helps us grow as spiritual beings. Then we leave this physical world and re-enter our true home in the spirit planes where we absorb and reflect on the experiences and lessons we had on the earth plane. Then in time, we reincarnate into another earth body and play a new game as the same player but a different character.

Maybe death is nothing more than the moment we take off our VR headsets through we which we played the earth game and realize our true spiritual world and spiritual form that is our true home and our true nature. Many people who have had near death experiences (NDEs) claim that the spirit world where they briefly went to seemed more ‘real’ than the physical world. 

So bottom line is this – don’t take this life on earth SO seriously. Enjoy the game. Enjoy the ride, because someday this particular game will end and another new adventure, another new game will begin.

(Published in the Sunday Speaking Tree of The Times of India on February 10, 2019).

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A Spiritual Butterfly’s Caterpillar Experience

(Published in the Speaking Tree, The Times of India April 12, 2018)

Sometimes we don’t understand life – the things that happen to us or in some cases, that don’t happen to us. But the important thing to remember is that life on earth is about evolving spiritually, and this is not only about meditation and prayer.

Life itself is a property of the Spirit. Life is about growth, experience and learning. Life is eternal. Sometimes we don’t understand why “bad” things happen to us. Whether this refers to relationship problems or breakups, finances, career confusion, health issues, addictions, depression or any other predicament, we need to be aware that no matter how dark it may seem, there is always light somewhere. We only have to find it and if that seems too hard, we only have to sincerely ask the light to find us. When this happens, we will begin to change our outlook. We will understand that “bad” things are only lessons that we have to lear n and experience, to grow spiritually.

Consider the physical body. If you want to build or strengthen your muscles, you have to overcome resistance in the form of weights. It is only when your muscles are stressed, they become stronger. Similarly, life’s difficulties are the resistance that our souls need to overcome, in order to grow and become stronger. So the nature of life itself is a spiritual enterprise, happening through a human experience.
We have divided our lives into so many little pockets that we fail to realise that everything we do is a spiritual event. We have personal, private, professional, social, religious and spiritual lives. All these things are a part of a greater whole.

When we go to school, college or office, it is spiritual. When we eat food, exercise or sleep, it is spiritual. When we have love relationships it is spiritual. When we spend time with family, it is spiritual. We cannot separate spirituality from our lives any more than we can separate ourselves from our breath. No matter what we do, we breathe. No matter what we do, we think. No matter what we do, we feel. Whether those thoughts and feelings are positive or negative, determines the outcome of the experience as a whole.

Some people say that life and death are opposites. That’s not true. It is birth and death that are opposites. They are entry and exit points to various worlds. Life is eternal and therefore, has no opposite. When one door closes, another opens. When we are born on Planet Earth, we in a sense, die in the world we came from. When we die on Earth, we are once again born in the world that we go to. This is the Spirit realm that has infinite levels and dimensions.

Where we end up depends on how much we learned and evolved during our lives on earth. So when things seem difficult, take it as an opportunity to lear n a lesson. The caterpillar thought it was the end of the world until it became a butterfly. We are spiritual butterflies having a caterpillar experience. So while meditation and prayer are great ways to develop spiritually, every experience we have – every human interaction – is a spiritual event that makes our spiritual state change. The more these events bring us closer to love and compassion, the more spiritually advanced we become.

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Another new website design

So throughout most of the month of March 2018, I have been learning a lot of technical stuff about web hosting, web servers and setting them up. I am now hosting and managing all my sites myself. Plus, I also learned about a great new plugin for Word Press called Elementor in which I have made both this site and the new site for my company – Chintels.

It has been a very interesting and educational process.